Comart Production & Transmission Days 2018, Athens May 9 & 10

The two-day event, at Gyalino Mousiko Theatro one of the main music stages of Athens, featured Video Production, Post Production and Transmission equipment and technologies by worldknown brands as Blackmagic Design, Apple iMac Pro, LaCie, Mobile Viewpoint, Varisoft HTC Vive, Swit, Prompter People, etc. while visitors had the opportunity to see, test and get informed about the products and the integrated solutions from our team and our partners from abroad.


Full Production Workflow & Post Production

Blackmagic Design, Apple iMac Pro, Lacie Pro Storage

A complete studio was staged, with Blackmagic URSA Broadcast and Blackmagic Micro Cinema cameras, a well-equipped Blackmagic Ultimatte 12 real time keyer, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 15 for editing and color correction along with Fusion 9 for composition and visual effects accompanied by DaVinci Resolve Mini and Micro Panel.

The system was complemented by 10G Ethernet Fiber Converters, the Smart Videohub 20×20 router and the ATEM Live Production Switcher and Lacie 2big, 6big and 12big storage systems with Thunderbolt 3 and USB connections and capacities up to 120TB. The workstations used were a powerful Apple iMac Pro and an iMac with appropriate configurations.

The green screen set, the necessary lighting units, the tripods and accessories were arranged and configured to deliver a high-level professional result with a keyed lighting uniform by AlbaPV with Manfrotto, Jinbei and other accessories.

Visitors had the opportunity to experience a full workflow process from capturing with cameras to editing, compositing, color correction, visual effects, keying to achieve a great result.

Two experienced professionals, Yannis Ageladopoulos, VFX Supervisor and George Fukarakis, Compositor and VFX Artist, presented a workflow and examples of Keying, Color Grading & VFX with the newer versions of Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 15 and Fusion 9.


Green screen captures and real time keying were liven up by the friendly participation and flamenco dancing of the excellent Ms. Katerina Karytiki and Ms. Roula Vassilaki from the “Danza Flamenca Grupo”


Storage Solutions by Lacie and DJI Copilot

Edouard Doutriaux, Head of DMB and Sales Distribution Sales Group and Johanna Strunke, Channel Marketing Manager Northern and Eastern Europe, were with us to present the wide range of LaCie products that meet all the data storage needs for media and creative professionals.

All professional LaCie Thunderbold 3 products where used in the production workflow as LaCie 2big Dock, 6big and 12big with capacities of up to 120TB, speeds  up to 2600MB/s, and RAID 5/6. The LaCie desktop storage units, connected to the Apple iMac Pro and iMac DaVinci and Fusion editing workstations, where ideal for handling footage from the ultra hi–res cameras of the production set.

The new DJI Copilot, LaCie’s collaboration result with DJI, the well-known quality drones manufacturer, has been at the heart of interest as it is the first product of LaCie’s new BOSS (Backup On-Set Solution). It has an SD card slot and a USB port for copying files directly from the devices without requiring the presence of a laptop while its screen allows convenient data and hardware management and the built-in battery provides a long battery life and mobile phone charging capability.

Airlink by Mobile Viewpoint – Wireless 3G / 4G / 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Mobile Viewpoint’s Sales Manager Martijn van Erven made a complete presentation of Airlink, a portable wireless codec, expandable for two SDI inputs and simultaneous video and audio data transmission, coupled with Link Matrix’s upgraded remote control interface.

Also, visitors were informed about automated sports and news production solutions, IQ SportsProducer with Artificial Intelligence & NewsPilot. Also, the Streamur App application, which together with the Webstreamur platform, provides a reliable solution of high quality, not only for the picture but also for the sound, to journalists and radio editors of Radio Stations. Reporters can report live from anywhere, via wi-fi connections or mobile telephony, with MacBook, iPhone and Android devices.

Teleprompter by Prompter People

During the event the ProLine Plus 17 ” Teleprompter with Adapter and Rail mount kit was also presented. A versatile system with great placement, viewing, adjusting and transfer capabilities.

The ProLine Plus range is available in sizes from 12 to 24 inches, with auto-reversal screens for television productions that reverse the text so they can be read on the glass surface of the Teleprompter over distances from 1.5 to 9 meters.

Swit Electronics

HD video monitoring, conversion & transmission systems, charging products and camcorder batteries, lights and accessories that visitors were able to browse through and collect information material.

Varisoft – HTC Vide, Virtual and Mixed Reality

Varisoft’s Andy Deshpande presented to the visitors a demo of the Virtual & Mixed reality HTC Vive system. People actively participated, experiencing a complete virtual and mixed reality experience in an interactive 360-degree 3D space.

Varisoft has created an excellent software with VR applications that comes with HTC Vive for business hardware. Combined with HTC’s high quality headset introduced the world to high-resolution filters and a truly impressive virtual reality environment with great content, from virtual tours and games to movies.

Special thanks to:

  • Our partners Blackmagic Design, Lacie, Mobile Viewpoint for their prime support
  • Varisoft – HTC Vive, AlpaPV – Alexander, Schnittpunkt UG – Prompter People and Swit who supported us with equipment
  • All visitors, professionals from the area of image, video production, broadcasting and television that honored us with their presence!
  • The Glass Musical Theater for their assistance and cooperation